The Last Werewolf is a 2.5D supernatural mystery where you play as Lachie, a twenty-something lone werewolf, in search of more like her. As she looks for them, she investigates supernatural sightings to get her one step closer to her heritage.

This game will be in Early Access for about a year, with each case being released in stages.

Unnatural Freaks Studio is an indie game dev studio, with just me at the helm. I’m making games while developing my skills within Unity. Even though I’m a solo dev, sometimes I’ve been able to bring some freelancers onto the project to help me with implementing some more advanced features.

I’ll be making a mixture of experiences that include virtual reality & good old traditional PC games. I’ll be releasing prototypes and pre-alphas that were created for Game Jams or are just experimental pieces. These can be found on my studio’s Itch account.

The name of the studio was taken from my Master’s project, which is Unnatural Freaks: Wolf At Evergreen (read about the project). This is why you’ll see some promotional material with the same name.