Unnatural Freaks Studio is an indie game development studio based in Western Australia. The studio was founded by Rebecca Kerr after she completed her Masters in Interactive Media. She brings with her over five years of game development, with her origins in serious (educational) games and virtual reality experiences. In recent years she has been focusing on entertainment based games while teaching game design in a tertiary setting.

The studio’s first title, Unnatural Freaks: Wolf At Evergreen, was released on Steam for free. This interactive experience was Rebecca’s Masters’ project that explored a short, linear, interactive narrative within a virtual reality space. This piece also inspired the name of the studio and the narrative of the second game released.

Currently, the studio’s second title, The Last Werewolf, is available on Steam via Early Access. This story-rich game focuses on a journey of self discovery and is delivered as a 2.5D adventure style game.

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