Unnatural Freaks: Ep 1 Wolf at Evergreen was an indie game created by a solo game dev, Rebecca, as a part of her Master’s degree.

To help finalise the narrative, Rebecca brought on Janine as a narrative consultant and then sought the help of talented voice actors around the world to help bring her characters to life.

In the last month, the project was award a small amount of funding from Curtin University in order to get some final technical touches done. Ratima and Karl were brought on to help polish up a couple of elements, allowing Rebecca to polish off other areas before submission.

Game Development Crew

Game Developer
Rebecca Kerr

Narrative Consultant
Janine Lee

Audio/Animation Implementation
Karl Pytte

Animation Implementation
Ratima Chandrema

Voice Actors


Voiced by
Rebecca Kerr


Voiced by
Katie Gorman

Tour Guide

Voiced by
Tristan Balz


Voiced by
Harrison Fellows


Voiced by
Nina Nikolic


Voiced by
Jerron Bacat


Voiced by
Sumara Meers


Voiced by
Aiden Littlewood


Voiced by
Frederick Powers


Voiced by
Anika Maar


“Beautiful Memories”
David Fesliyan

Dark Fantasy Studio

“Reaching Out Slow”
David Renda

“Past Memories”
Dark Fantasy Studio

3D Models

Rebecca Kerr

Advanced People Pack

Distant Lands

Nyx Prints


Synty Studios

Megan Alcock

Main Software

Curtin University’s School of MCASI whom provided some funding for the project. Helping to bring on two contractors to assist in finalising elements before Master’s submission date.

Master’s supervisors
Dr Stuart Bender & Dr Glen Spoors

Nyx Prints for the use of the werewolf sculptures within the cultural centre’s museum.

Thank you to all those who aren’t mentioned by name but helped to bring this project to life.