Now Available in Early Access

The Last Werewolf is a 2.5D supernatural mystery where you play as Lachie, a twenty-something lone werewolf, who’s in search of more like her. In this narrative-driven game, you’ll be able to investigate three cases amongst three different towns. Meet new people, explore the supernatural and learn more about Lachie’s origins.

This game will be in Early Access for about a year, with each chapter being released in stages.


When Lachie discovers she’s a werewolf, she begins her search for others like her. To aid in her search, she starts investigating supernatural stories and even launches a website, called Lachie’s Spooky Tales, to receive tip-offs and help fund her search. All is not smooth sailing though, as Lachie needs to monitor her behaviours and actions in order to avoid shifting into her wolf form. If she shifts too many times the case will go cold and she can lose the chance to discover more.

Solve three cases

Chapter One: Undead Rodents
An anonymous source has informed Lachie that undead rats have been seen around the community park. With nothing but their word, Lachie checks it out while passing through the town.

Chapter Two: Drunken Crimson Witness
To be announced

Chapter Three: A Regular Pic-a-nic Basket
To be announced


  • Three chapters with cases to investigate.
  • Interactive chats with witnesses, suspects, and randoms.
  • Wolf Metre: Monitor behaviours and actions to avoid shifting into your wolf form.
  • Wolf Sense: get hints along the way, too much and you’ll shift.
  • Still progress with a failed case.