A supernatural-mystery, interactive-narrative VR experience. Are the rumours of a werewolf sighting true? Talk with townspeople and explore the museum to discover what’s truly happening in the small town of Evergreen.

Unnatural Freaks is a VR interactive narrative experience where you play as Frankie. Their role is to investigate supernatural/paranormal experiences to determine if there’s any truth to them. In the small town of Evergreen, there are several werewolf sightings. By talking with the townspeople and exploring the museum, clues will emerge. Will you correctly guess what’s actually happening in the town of Evergreen?

This demo piece was made as a part of a Master’s degree for Rebecca Kerr.

Talk to the Townspeople

Interact with people in the town and even ask some of them question.

Discover Clues

Explore the locations and find clues to discover the truth of what’s happening in the town.

Take an Audio Tour

At the museum, you can take an audio tour around the exhibit and learn about the history of werewolves.